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Event-Triggered Quantized Average Consensus via Mass Summation

  title={Event-Triggered Quantized Average Consensus via Mass Summation},
  author={Apostolos I. Rikos and Christoforos N. Hadjicostis},
We study the distributed average consensus problem in multi-agent systems with directed communication links that are subject to quantized information flow. The goal of distributed average consensus is for the nodes, each associated with some initial value, to obtain the average (or some value close to the average) of these initial values. In this paper, we present and analyze novel distributed averaging algorithms which operate exclusively on quantized values (specifically, the information… 


Distributed Average Consensus under Quantized Communication via Event- Triggered Mass Summation
A distributed averaging algorithm which operates exclusively on quantized values and relies on event-driven updates to reduce energy consumption, communication bandwidth, network congestion, and/or processor usage is presented and analyzed.
Quantized Consensus and Averaging on Gossip Digraphs
This investigation is carried out for both general consensus and average consensus; for each case, a class of algorithms is proposed, under which a necessary and sufficient graphical condition is derived to guarantee the corresponding consensus.
Design and analysis of distributed averaging with quantized communication
It is shown in this paper that in finite time, the algorithm will either cause all agents to reach a quantized consensus where the consensus value is the largest integer not greater than the average of their initial values, or will lead all variables to cycle in a small neighborhood around the average, depending on initial conditions.
Distributed event-triggered coordination for average consensus on weight-balanced digraphs
Quantized Consensus by Means of Gossip Algorithm
  • J. Lavaei, R. Murray
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control
  • 2012
This paper deals with the distributed averaging problem over a connected network of agents, subject to a quantization constraint, and shows that a quantized consensus is reached for an arbitrary quantizer by means of the stochastic gossip algorithm proposed in a recent paper.
Distributed Average Consensus With Quantization Refinement
We consider the problem of distributed average consensus in a sensor network where sensors exchange quantized information with their neighbors. We propose a novel quantization scheme that exploits
Event-triggered average-consensus of multi-agent systems with weighted and direct topology
A centralized average-consensus protocol is proposed first for networks with fixed interaction topology, the stability and influencing factors of which are analyzed and the results are extended to the decentralized counterpart, in which agents require only the information of their neighbors.
Distributed Finite-Time Average Consensus in Digraphs in the Presence of Time Delays
This paper introduces a distributed protocol that allows nodes to find the exact average of the initial values in a finite and minimum number of steps on interconnection topologies described by strongly connected directed graphs (digraphs).
On Distributed Averaging Algorithms and Quantization Effects
This work proposes and analyzes distributed averaging algorithms under the additional constraint that agents can only store and communicate quantized information, so that they can only converge to the average of the initial values of the agents within some error.
Decentralised minimum-time consensus