Even Maps, the Colin de Verdière Number and Representations of Graphs

  title={Even Maps, the Colin de Verdi{\`e}re Number and Representations of Graphs},
  author={Vojtech Kaluza and Martin Tancer},
Van der Holst and Pendavingh introduced a graph parameter σ , which coincides with the more famous Colin de Verdière graph parameter μ for small values. However, the definition of a is much more geometric/topological directly reflecting embeddability properties of the graph. They proved μ ( G ) ≤ σ ( G ) + 2 and conjectured σ ( G ) ≤ σ ( G ) for any graph G . We confirm this conjecture. As far as we know, this is the first topological upper bound on σ ( G ) which is, in general, tight. Equality… 



The Colin de Verdière number and sphere representations of a graph

The main tools are a geometric formulation of the invariant, and constructing representations of graphs by spheres, related to the classical result of Koebe about representing planar graphs by touching disks, which show that such sphere representations characterize outerplanar and planar Graphs.

A Borsuk theorem for antipodal links and a spectral characterization of linklessly embeddable graphs

For any undirected graph G, let μ(G) be the graph parameter introduced by Colin de Verdiere. In this paper we show that μ(G) ≤ 4 if and only if G is linklessly embeddable (in R). This forms a

On a graph property generalizing planarity and flatness

A topological graph parameter σ(G), defined for any graph G, is introduced, which characterizes subgraphs of paths, outerplanar graphs, planar graph, and graphs that have a flat embedding as those graphs G with Ϧ(G)≤1,2,3, and 4, respectively.

The Colin de Verdière graph parameter

In 1990, Y. Colin de Verdi ere introduced a new graph parameter (G), based on spectral properties of matrices associated with G. He showed that (G) is monotone under taking minors and that planarity

The Colin de Verdière number and graphs of polytopes

The Colin de Verdière number µ(G) of a graph G is the maximum corank of a Colin de Verdière matrix for G (that is, of a Schrödinger operator on G with a single negative eigenvalue). In 2001, Lovász

A Short Proof of the Planarity Characterization of Colin de Verdière

A short proof of Colin de Verdiere?s result that the invariant of graphs G is 3 if only if G is planar is given.

Graph Minors: XV. Giant Steps

Abstract Let G be a graph with a subgraph H drawn with high representativity on a surface Σ . When can the drawing of H be extended “up to 3-separations” to a drawing of G in Σ if we permit a bounded

The Extremal Function and Colin de Verdière Graph Parameter

The conjecture that for every integer t, if G is a graph with at least $t$ vertices and Colin de Verdiere parameter at most $t, then $|E(G)| \leq t|V(G) |-\binom{t+1}{2}$.

Surveys in Combinatorics, 1999: Recent Excluded Minor Theorems for Graphs

A graph is a minor of another if the first can be obtained from a subgraph of the second by contracting edges. An excluded minor theorem describes the structure of graphs with no minor isomorphic to