Evaporation of black hole under the effect of quantum gravity

  title={Evaporation of black hole under the effect of quantum gravity},
  author={Riasat Ali and Rimsha Babar and Muhammad Faizan Asgher and Syed Asif Ali Shah},
  journal={International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics},
  • Riasat Ali, R. Babar, +1 author Syed Asif Ali Shah
  • Published 20 October 2021
  • Physics
  • International Journal of Geometric Methods in Modern Physics
This paper provides an extension for Hawking temperature of Reissner–Nordström-de Sitter (RN-DS) black hole (BH) with global monopole as well as [Formula: see text]D charged black hole. We consider the black holes metric and investigate the effects of quantum gravity ([Formula: see text]) on Hawking radiation. We investigate the charged boson particles tunneling through the horizon of black holes by using the Hamilton–Jacobi ansatz phenomenon. In our investigation, we study the quantum… 

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