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Evaluation on Tracking Performance of PID, Gain Scheduling and Classical Cascade P/PI Controller on XY Table Ballscrew Drive System

  title={Evaluation on Tracking Performance of PID, Gain Scheduling and Classical Cascade P/PI Controller on XY Table Ballscrew Drive System},
  author={Lokman Abdullah and Zamberi Jamaludin and Qumrul Ahsan and J. Jamaludin and Nur Aidawaty Rafan and Chiew Tsung Heng and Kamaruzaman Jusoff and Mariana Yusoff and Hang Tuah Jaya},
Today, positioning systems in machine tools aim for high accuracy and robustness characteristics in order to accommodate against various disturbance forces. The objective of this paper is to evaluate the tracking performance of PID, Gain Scheduling and Cascade P/PI controller with the existence of disturbance forces in the form of cutting forces. Cutting force characteristics at different cutting parameters; such as spindle speed rotations is analysed using Fast Fourier Transform. The tracking… 
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