Evaluation of two iron-fortified, milk-based formulas during infancy.

  title={Evaluation of two iron-fortified, milk-based formulas during infancy.},
  author={Charles K. Bradley and Laura Hillman and Adria Rothman Sherman and David Leedy and Angel Cordano},
  volume={91 5},
OBJECTIVE Compare milk-based, iron-fortified formulas containing 7.4 and 12.7 mg/L iron and breast-feeding during the first year of life. DESIGN Partially randomized, double-blind trial: non-breast-fed infants randomly assigned to receive one of two coded formulas, identical except for iron content; infants discontinuing breast-feeding between 1 and 8 weeks of age randomly assigned to a formula late-start group. SETTING Five general community pediatric practices in Missouri, Indiana… CONTINUE READING