[Evaluation of the value of color doppler ultrasound investigations in diagnosis of the most frequently occurring diseases of the scrotal pouch].


The objective of the work was to estimate the value of ultrasound investigation with the use of colour Doppler imaging in diagnosing diseases of intrascrothy structures. Epidemiology of pathological testis epididymitis and seminal cord as well as histomorphology of tumours in testes were discussed. Technique of radiological imaging of this area and rules of colour Doppler ultrasonography were presented. Investigations were performed, with apparatus Acuson 128 XP-10 using colour Doppler, in presentation B and B-colour. The accomplished evaluation covered the localization, size, echostructure and blood supply, vascularization of the studied changes, and in defined cases (mainly inflammations, and malignant neoplasms), coefficient of RI flow resistance was determined. Ultrasound examinations with the implementation of colour Doppler were carried out in 306 patients, aged from 15 to 75 years, who were divided into two groups. Group I--control comprised 70 patients, group II--236 patients, in whom the clinical examination revealed various pathological changes within scrota. In patients of group I no changes in the intrascrotal structures were observed in the clinical examinations however, ultrasound study detected small varicoceles in 8 patients, and in 2 tiny cysts in epididymis. In group II by ultrasound the following were diagnosed: 50 inflammations, 15 testotorsion, 45 hydroceleus, 36 tumours, 20 traumas and 70 cases of varicocele. On the basis of the performed investigations it has been disclosed that colour Doppler USG examination is very useful in diagnosis of diseases, namely the so-called "acute scrotum"--trauma, torsion, inflammation of testis and epididymitis. It is also useful in differentiating inflammatory, neoplastic changes of testes and epididymidis, relying on the complex estimation of their echostructures, blood supply vascularization as well as the character of vascular flow. Differentiating only on the basis of spectrum of the flow and the value of resistance indicator is not sufficient. Doppler technique is of essential significance in preoperative diagnosis, concerning the varicocele and monitoring of the postoperative period allowing for the estimation of the therapeutic effectiveness (Fig. 1, 2, 3, 4).

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