Evaluation of the implantation site morphology in spontaneous abortion.

  title={Evaluation of the implantation site morphology in spontaneous abortion.},
  author={Maria Magdalena Manolea and Anda Lorena Dijmărescu and Florina Carmen Popescu and Marius Bogdan Novac and Damian Diţescu},
  journal={Romanian journal of morphology and embryology = Revue roumaine de morphologie et embryologie},
  volume={56 1},
The aim of this study was the characterization of the implantation site through histological and immunohistochemical exams and the evaluation of the changes that appear in the pregnancies ended by spontaneous abortion compared to normal pregnancies ended by requested abortion. One hundred eight patients were divided in two groups: the study group that included 58 patients with spontaneous abortion and the control group that included 50 patients with requested abortion. There has been made… CONTINUE READING