Evaluation of the effectiveness of sugammadex for verapamil intoxication.

  title={Evaluation of the effectiveness of sugammadex for verapamil intoxication.},
  author={Sule Ozbilgin and M{\"u}cahit {\"O}zbilgin and Beyza Kucukoztas and G Kilinc Kamaci and Tarkan {\~A}œnek and B{\"u}lent Serhan Yurtlu and Mehmet Ensari G{\"u}neli and Volkan Hanci and Ali Gunerli},
  journal={Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology},
  volume={113 4},
Previous studies have shown that medications from the cyclodextrin family bind to verapamil. The aim of our study was to determine whether sugammadex could bind to verapamil and prevent the cardiovascular toxicity of that drug. Twenty-eight sedated Wistar rats were infused with verapamil at 37.5 mg/kg/h. Five minutes after the start of infusion, the animals were treated with a bolus of either 16 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg or 1000 mg/kg sugammadex. The control group was treated with an infusion without… CONTINUE READING


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