[Evaluation of the effectiveness of antiseptic prevention of bacterial involvement].


Infectious complications markedly decrease the efficacy of surgical and contact correction of the vision because of insufficient activity of the drugs used for prophylaxis and treatment of eye infections. Efficacy of decamethoxin, chlorhexidin, catapole, fogucide, thionium and some specific formulations from abroad was compared in decontamination of soft contact lens (SCLs). It was shown that the chemical sterilization by the tested substances did not change the optical properties of the SCLs. The results of the clinical trials with decamethoxin solutions in prophylaxis and treatment of purulent inflammatory diseases of the eye are presented.

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@article{Kovalchuk1993EvaluationOT, title={[Evaluation of the effectiveness of antiseptic prevention of bacterial involvement].}, author={V P Koval'chuk and Ina Palii}, journal={Antibiotiki i khimioterapiia = Antibiotics and chemoterapy [sic]}, year={1993}, volume={38 1}, pages={68-72} }