Evaluation of the characteristics of urban landscape development in Arequipa from 1868 to 1940

  title={Evaluation of the characteristics of urban landscape development in Arequipa from 1868 to 1940},
  author={Carlos Zeballos},
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Acupuntura urbana en bordes de ciudad: ejercicios en Arequipa y Bogotá

El presente trabajo integra, a la luz del concepto de acupuntura urbana, dos casos de estudio, desarrollados por investigadores de Perú y Colombia, en torno al problema de la integración sistémica de

Infrastructures of progress and dispossession: Collective responses to shrinking water access among farmers in Arequipa, Peru

: Th is article examines what economic growth and state versions of progress have done to small and medium-scale farmers in an urban setting, in Arequipa in southern Peru. Th e general reorganization



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The City Assembled: The Elements of Urban Form Through History

The city edge urban divisions public places the street urban process process against conservation - the life of urban form.

cit) and De Rivero (1940) described the extension of Arequipa at the moment

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Rivero was one of the most conspicuous ideologists and planners at that time. He proposed ideas about urban environmental planning and landscape issues

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In 1908 the Villalba Street linked the Grau and the Old bridges

  • and also the aforementioned Paseo de 1a Alameda Promenade. which was reconstructed after the earthquake. Some of the balconies built to overlook the river from that street can still be appreciated nowadays.
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