Evaluation of the IEEE 802.11p MAC Method for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

  title={Evaluation of the IEEE 802.11p MAC Method for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication},
  author={Katrin Bilstrup and Elisabeth Uhlemann and Erik G. Str{\"o}m and Urban Bilstrup},
  journal={2008 IEEE 68th Vehicular Technology Conference},
In this paper the medium access control (MAC) method of the upcoming vehicular communication standard IEEE 802.11p has been simulated in a highway scenario with periodic broadcast of time-critical packets (so-called heartbeat messages) in a vehicle-to-vehicle situation. The 802.11p MAC method is based on carrier sense multiple access (CSMA) where nodes listen to the wireless channel before sending. If the channel is busy, the node must defer its access and during high utilization periods this… CONTINUE READING
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