Evaluation of the Helicobacteraceae in the oral cavity of dogs.

  title={Evaluation of the Helicobacteraceae in the oral cavity of dogs.},
  author={Melanie Craven and Camilla Recordati and Valentina Gualdi and Graziano Pengo and Mario Luini and Eugenio Scanziani and Kenneth W. Simpson},
  journal={American journal of veterinary research},
  volume={72 11},
OBJECTIVE To determine the Helicobacter spp present in the oral cavity of dogs and the relationship of those organisms with gastric Helicobacter spp to better define the potential for dog-human and dog-dog transmission. SAMPLE Saliva and dental plaque from 28 dogs and gastric biopsy specimens from a subset of 8 dogs. PROCEDURES PCR-based screening for Helicobacter spp was conducted on samples obtained from the oral cavity of 28 dogs. Comparative analysis was conducted on Helicobacteraceae… CONTINUE READING