Evaluation of the Critical Current Density of Multifilamentary ${\rm Nb}_{3}{\rm Sn}$ Wires From Magnetization Measurements

  title={Evaluation of the Critical Current Density of Multifilamentary \$\{\rm Nb\}_\{3\}\{\rm Sn\}\$ Wires From Magnetization Measurements},
  author={Tobias Baumgartner and Michael Eisterer and H. W. Weber and R. Flux0308kiger and Bernardo Bordini and Luca Bottura and Christian Scheuerlein},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity},
A simple model for evaluating the critical current density of multifilamentary wires from magnetization measurements was examined. This model assumes that each sub-element is in good approximation a superconducting hollow cylinder, which limits its validity to powder-in-tube wires and wires whose filaments are completely merged within the sub-elements. The… CONTINUE READING