Evaluation of telomerase activation in head and neck cancer.

  title={Evaluation of telomerase activation in head and neck cancer.},
  author={Mintoo M Patel and Devendra D. Patel and Lalit J Parekh and Gira N Raval and Rakesh Mahesh Rawal and Jyotsna M. Bhatavdekar and Beena P. Patel and Prabhudas Shankerbhai Patel},
  journal={Oral oncology},
  volume={35 5},
During replication of the linear chromosomes, telomeres, i.e. the ends of the chromosomes, are not replicated completely by the conventional DNA polymerases. Therefore, normal somatic cells senesce after certain number of cell divisions. Telomerase is a special reverse transcriptase used by most eukaryotes to achieve immortalization. Telomerase activity has been determined in a variety of cancers. However, there are few reports on telomerase activity in head and neck cancer. The etiology of the… CONTINUE READING