Evaluation of supervisory vs. peer-peer interaction with human-robot teams

  title={Evaluation of supervisory vs. peer-peer interaction with human-robot teams},
  author={Julie L. Marble and David J. Bruemmer and Douglas A. Few and Donald D. Dudenhoeffer},
  journal={37th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, 2004. Proceedings of the},
  pages={9 pp.-}
We submit that the most interesting and fruitful human-robot interaction (HRI) may be possible when the robot is able to interact with the human as a true team member, rather than a tool. However, the benefits of shared control can all too easily be overshadowed by challenges inherent to blending human and robot initiative. The most important requirements for peer-peer interaction are system trust and ability to predict system behavior. The human must be able to understand the reason for and… CONTINUE READING
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