Evaluation of specific cost of obtainment of lead-208 isotope by gas centrifuges using various raw materials

  title={Evaluation of specific cost of obtainment of lead-208 isotope by gas centrifuges using various raw materials},
  author={Andrei Smirnov and V. D. Borisevich and A. Sulaberidze},
  journal={Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering},
Evaluations of the specific cost of producing by gas centrifuges highly enriched 208Pb isotope, which may be used as a coolant and a neutron reflector in promising fast neutron reactors, have been carried out. The methodology originally developed for column type separation elements was applied in the calculations. As raw materials, a mixture of natural lead isotopes and radiogenic lead were considered. In the latter case which the content of the target isotope is nearly 1.5 times greater than… 
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