Evaluation of some basic positron-related characteristics of SiC.

  title={Evaluation of some basic positron-related characteristics of SiC.},
  author={Brauer and Anwand and Nicht and Kuriplach and Sob and Vladimir Wagner and Coleman and Puska and Korhonen},
  journal={Physical review. B, Condensed matter},
  volume={54 4},
First-principles electronic structure and positron-state calculations for perfect and defected 3C- and 6H-SiC polytypes of SiC have been performed. Monovacancies and divacancies have been treated; the influence of lattice position and nitrogen impurities have been considered in the former case. Positron affinities and binding energies have been calculated; trends are discussed, and the results compared with recent atomic superposition method calculations. Experimental determination of the… CONTINUE READING