Evaluation of scalp and auricular acupuncture on EEG, HRV, and PRV.

  title={Evaluation of scalp and auricular acupuncture on EEG, HRV, and PRV.},
  author={Chih-Chieh Hsu and C. Weng and Mao-Feng Sun and Liang-Yu Shyu and Wei-Chih Hu and Yung-Hsien Chang},
  journal={The American journal of Chinese medicine},
  volume={35 2},
In this study, the EEG, ECG and blood-pressure-pulse recorder were employed to evaluate heart rate variability, pulse rate variability, and EEG of 10 adults after scalp (experimental test I) at Sishencong scalp acupoint and auricular (experimental test II) acupuncture at Shenmen auricular acupoint for about 10 min. Comparison of the results between the experimental tests and a control with no stimulation test showed that both the heart rate and pulse rate were decreased, and the blood pressure… CONTINUE READING

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