Evaluation of renal masses with contrast-enhanced ultrasound: initial experience.

  title={Evaluation of renal masses with contrast-enhanced ultrasound: initial experience.},
  author={Scott R. Gerst and Lucy E. Hann and Duan Li and Mithat Gonen and Satish K. Tickoo and Michael J. Sohn and Paul Russo},
  journal={AJR. American journal of roentgenology},
  volume={197 4},
OBJECTIVE Nearly 25% of solid renal tumors are indolent cancer or benign and can be managed conservatively in selected patients. This prospective study was performed to determine whether preoperative IV microbubble contrast-enhanced ultrasound can be used to differentiate indolent and benign renal tumors from more aggressive clear cell carcinoma. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Thirty-four patients with renal tumors underwent preoperative gray-scale, color, power Doppler, and octafluoropropane… CONTINUE READING
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