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Evaluation of proximate composition, mineral element and anti- nutrient inalmond (Terminalia catappa) seeds

  title={Evaluation of proximate composition, mineral element and anti- nutrient inalmond (Terminalia catappa) seeds},
  author={Ukana D. Akpabio},
  journal={Advances in Applied Science Research},
  • U. Akpabio
  • Published 2012
  • Chemistry
  • Advances in Applied Science Research
Proximate composition, mineral elements, anti-nutrients (toxicants) and lipid characteristics were determined for almond (Terminalia catappa) seeds. The results obtained showed the proximate composition of 25.23% moisture; 5.00% ash; 32.73% lipid; 33.66% crude fibre; 3.11% crude protein; 25.47% carbohydrate and caloric value 534.200 kcal. Mineral elements determined were P, Na, K, Fe, Mg and Ca, while the anti-nutrients evaluated were hydrogen cyanide, oxalate and tannin. Almond seed oil was… 

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