Evaluation of probucol as suppressor of ceftizoxime induced lipid peroxidation.


Considering drug induced lipid peroxidation, a possible mediator of drug induced toxicity and exploiting free radical scavenging action of probucol, which is a synthetic antioxidant of therapeutic interest, in vitro effects of the antioxidant on drug induced lipid peroxidation have been studied to explore its possible potential in reducing drug induced toxicity. In the present study, ceftizoxime sodium, a third generation of cephalosporin, has been taken as the representative drug and goat whole blood has been used as the lipid source. The study revealed that probucol could suppress drug induced lipid peroxidation to a significant extent. This provides scope for further study on probucol to evaluate its potential for reducing drug induced toxicity and increasing therapeutic index of drug by possible cotherapy.

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@article{Roy2002EvaluationOP, title={Evaluation of probucol as suppressor of ceftizoxime induced lipid peroxidation.}, author={Kunal Roy and Achintya Saha and Kakali De and Chandana Sengupta}, journal={Acta poloniae pharmaceutica}, year={2002}, volume={59 3}, pages={231-4} }