Evaluation of ppk-specified polyphosphate as a mercury remedial tool.

  title={Evaluation of ppk-specified polyphosphate as a mercury remedial tool.},
  author={Hidemitsu S. K. Pan-Hou and Masako Kiyono and Tomoka Kawase and Tomoko Omura and Ginro Endo},
  journal={Biological & pharmaceutical bulletin},
  volume={24 12},
To evaluate the utility of polyphosphate kinase gene (ppk)-specified polyphosphate in mercury remediation, a fusion plasmid, pMK27, with ppk from Klebsiella aerogenes and mercury transport genes, merT and merP, from Pseudomonas K-62, was constructed. The transcription and translation of ppk, merT and merP were found to be mercury-inducible. The ppk-specified polyphosphate was identified in cells preinduced by Hg2+, but not in cells without mercury induction, suggesting that the synthesis of… CONTINUE READING

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