Evaluation of optical probe signals from nonequilibrium systems

  title={Evaluation of optical probe signals from nonequilibrium systems},
  author={Bijay Kumar Agarwalla and Konstantin E. Dorfman and Shaul Mukamel},
  journal={Physical Review A},
We predict several effects associated with the optical response of systems prepared in a nonequilibrium state by impulsive optical excitations. The linear response depends on the phase of the electric field even if the initial nonequilibrium state has only populations, no coherences. Initial quantum coherences induce additional phase dependence, which also shows new resonances in nonlinear wave mixing. In systems strongly driven by an external optical field, the field frequency generates a… 



Principles of Nonlinear Optical Spectroscopy

1. Introduction 2. Quantum Dynamics in Hilbert Space 3. The Density Operator and Quantum Dynamics in Liouville Space 4. Quantum Electrodynamics, Optical Polarization, and Nonlinear Spectroscopy 5.

Nonlinear optics.

In this method, non-linear susceptibility tensors are introduced which relate the induced dipole moment to a power series expansion in field strengths and the various experimental observations are described and interpreted in terms of this formalism.

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