Evaluation of multiple regimens in leprosy.

  title={Evaluation of multiple regimens in leprosy.},
  author={Gopal Ramu and Sreevatsa and Uttpal Sengupta and Kothapalle Vedantha Desikan},
  journal={Leprosy in India},
  volume={53 2},
Assessment of bacteraemia has been made at weekly intervals in 36 lepromatous leprosy patients who were put on different antileprosy drug under four regimens, viz., DDS alone, DDS in combination with rifampicin (DDS + RIF), clofazimine (DDS + CLF) and thiacetazone (DDS + TCT). In general, with the continuation of treatment the bacillary load in the blood decreased considerably while bacteriological index (BI) of the skin remained constant during the study. No significant difference was noted in… CONTINUE READING