Evaluation of laser-assisted lentiviral transgenesis in bovine

  title={Evaluation of laser-assisted lentiviral transgenesis in bovine},
  author={Sonja Ewerling and Andreas Hofmann and Regina Klose and Myriam Weppert and Gottfried Brem and Klaus Rink and Alexander Pfeifer and Eckhard Wolf},
  journal={Transgenic Research},
Lentiviral transduction of oocytes or early embryos is an efficient strategy to generate transgenic rodents and livestock. We evaluated laser-based microdrilling (MD) of the zona pellucida, which is a physical barrier for viral infection, and subsequent incubation in virus suspension as a new route for lentiviral transgenesis in bovine. Lentiviral vectors carrying an eGFP expression cassette were used to transduce oocytes or zygotes after MD as compared to the established subzonal virus… CONTINUE READING
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