Evaluation of laboratory methods for diagnosis of varicella.

  title={Evaluation of laboratory methods for diagnosis of varicella.},
  author={Jessica W. T. Leung and Rafael Harpaz and Andrew L. Baughman and Karl H. Heath and Vladimir N. Loparev and Marietta V{\'a}zquez and Barbara M Watson and Diethard Schmid},
  journal={Clinical infectious diseases : an official publication of the Infectious Diseases Society of America},
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BACKGROUND The incidence of varicella disease is declining as a result of vaccination, making clinical diagnosis more challenging, particularly for vaccine-modified cases. We conducted a comprehensive evaluation of laboratory tests and specimen types to assess diagnostic performance and determine what role testing can play after skin lesions have resolved. METHODS We enrolled patients with suspected varicella disease in 2 communities. Enrollees were visited at the time of rash onset and 2… CONTINUE READING