[Evaluation of infiltration as a routine therapeutic technique in a health center].


OBJECTIVE To describe the use of filtration into the joints and soft tissue in the daily work of a Primary Care clinic. DESIGN Observational and descriptive study. SETTING Primary Care. PARTICIPANTS Patients between 18 and 75, with pathologies that can be filtrated and who had not previously received treatment. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS 148 filtrations were analysed, with pain and mobility before and after filtration being evaluated. 85.1% of the patients had intense or moderate pain before filtration, dropping to 5.4% a month afterwards (p < 0.05). 55.4% had limited mobility before filtration and 6.1% a month afterwards (p < 0.05). Complications from the technique were observed in 4 cases, but all were of a light character. CONCLUSIONS The technique is effective and easy to apply in Primary Care, with scarce and light side-effects.

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