Evaluation of fungicides for the control of carrot cavity spot.

  title={Evaluation of fungicides for the control of carrot cavity spot.},
  author={Carole Martinez and C. Andr{\'e} L{\'e}vesque and Richard R B{\'e}langer and Russell J. Tweddell},
  journal={Pest management science},
  volume={61 8},
Cavity spot is one of the most common and serious diseases of carrot (Daucus carota L). The disease, caused by different species of Pythium, including P. violae Chesters & Hickman, P. sulcatum Pratt & Mitchell and P. sylvaticum Campbell & Hendrix, leads to frequent high rejection rates during grading worldwide. In the area of the city of Québec, the disease is caused mainly by P. sulcatum, P. sylvaticum and P. macrosporum Vaartaja & van der Plaats-Niterink. Cavity spot can be controlled with… CONTINUE READING

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