[Evaluation of food consumption patterns and nutrition in 4 rural communities].


OBJECTIVE To study the effect of agricultural change and subsequent social change on the nutritional situation of 4 communities of different regions and climates, that since the 70's have changed from traditional corn production to commercial sorghum production. MATERIAL AND METHODS A new dietetic and clinical survey (1996) was performed to follow-up the changes in the 4 communities studied 12 years before (1984). RESULTS The food consumption pattern continued changing, with more dietary diversification, better protein quality and less corn consumption. The child nutrition status on average was better. This happened in spite of the fact that the sorghum production was in a crisis and the communities partially returned to corn production, diversified production or migrated from the communities. CONCLUSIONS In spite of first abandoning traditional corn production and later having problems with the commercial product (sorghum), the communities are still improving their nutrition. This is mostly due to implementing certain survival strategies, to receiving support from the people from the community who migrated and to a better food availability.


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