Evaluation of flood and landslide risk to the population of Italy.

  title={Evaluation of flood and landslide risk to the population of Italy.},
  author={Fausto Guzzetti and Colin P. Stark and Paola Salvati},
  journal={Environmental management},
  volume={36 1},
We have compiled a database of floods and landslides that occurred in Italy between AD 1279 and 2002 and caused deaths, missing persons, injuries, and homelessness. Analysis of the database indicates that more than 50,593 people died, went missing, or were injured in 2580 flood and landslide events. Harmful events were inventoried in 26.3% of the 8103 Italian municipalities. Fatal events were most frequent in the Alpine regions of northern Italy and were caused by both floods and landslides. In… CONTINUE READING

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