Evaluation of fetal echogenic bowel in the second trimester.

  title={Evaluation of fetal echogenic bowel in the second trimester.},
  author={Yuval Yaron and S Ibrahim Hassan and Eli Geva and Michael J. Kupferminc and Haym Yavetz and Mark I Evans},
  journal={Fetal diagnosis and therapy},
  volume={14 3},
Previous studies cite different possible etiologies for fetal echogenic bowel (FEB). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the possible etiologies for second-trimester FEB, and to provide clinical guidelines for evaluation of this finding. The study included 79 patients diagnosed with FEB in the second trimester. Fifteen cases (19%) were associated with maternal vaginal bleeding. Of these, 12 patients underwent amniocentesis, 9 of which had visible blood products in the amniotic fluid… CONTINUE READING
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