Evaluation of extended spectrum beta lactamase in urinary isolates.

  title={Evaluation of extended spectrum beta lactamase in urinary isolates.},
  author={Supriya Sanjay Tankhiwale and Suresh Vasant Jalgaonkar and Sarfraz Ahamad and Umesh Santlal Hassani},
  journal={The Indian journal of medical research},
  volume={120 6},
BACKGROUND & OBJECTIVES Urinary tract infection (UTI) remain the common infections diagnosed in outpatients as well as in hospitalized patients. Current knowledge on antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of uropathogens is mandatory for appropriate therapy. Extended spectrum beta lactamases (ESBL) hydrolyse expanded spectrum cephalosporins like ceftazidime, cephotaxime which are used in the treatment of UTI. ESBL producing bacteria may not be detectable by routine disk diffusion susceptibility… CONTINUE READING

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