Evaluation of epileptic dogs as an animal model of human epilepsy.

  title={Evaluation of epileptic dogs as an animal model of human epilepsy.},
  author={Wolfgang L{\"o}scher and Dorothea Schwartz-Porsche and Hans Heinz Frey and Dieter B Schmidt},
  volume={35 1},
In 126 epileptic dogs with spontaneously recurring generalized tonic-clonic (grand mal) seizures, epidemiological aspects and the efficacy of chronic oral treatment with common antiepileptic drugs were studied. Furthermore, the pharmacokinetics of antiepileptic drugs in dogs was compared with the values known for man. As in man, idiopathic epilepsy appeared to be more common than symptomatic epilepsy in dogs. There was a preponderance of male vs. female animals. When the breeds of the epileptic… CONTINUE READING


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