• Published 2012

Evaluation of cytotoxicity of Atenolol in Allium cepa . L .

  title={Evaluation of cytotoxicity of Atenolol in Allium cepa . L .},
  author={Madhavi Jangala and Santoshi Kumari Manche and Suman Mudigonda and Meghanadh Koralla Raja and Bapu Rao Sangras and Vaidyanath Konagurtu},
Received 30 April 2012; accepted 20 May 2012 Abstract Atenolol, an adrenergic beta blocker, commonly employed in the management of cardiovascular diseases, has been evaluated for its cytotoxicity using Allium cepa. L assay system. Four different treatments, 2 spurt treatments (T1 & T3) of 2h duration each varying at time points of cell division cycle (6AM to 8AM and 11AM to 1PM), T2 of 3h duration (8AM to 11AM), and T4 of 17h duration (approximately for one cell cycle), were given with 10μg/ml… CONTINUE READING

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