Evaluation of cyclodextrins for enhancing corneal penetration of natamycin eye drops


A new group of pharmaceutical excipients called cyclodextrins can be introduced into ophthalmology for delivering such water insoluble drug. This group of excipients is able to solubilize many water insoluble drugs which were previously impossible to be formulated as aqueous eye drop solution by forming their inclusion complexes. Analysis of pure drug and excipients by physical test, melting point determination, chemical test and solubility determination were carried out in this study. It may be concluded that cyclodextrin complexes of Natamycin can lead to an aqueous formulation (Natamycin eye drop) having better trans corneal permeability and thus can be proved to have faster and better antifungal efficiency.

DOI: 10.4103/0975-7406.94128
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