Evaluation of cross-reactions in Histoplasma capsulatum serologic tests.

  title={Evaluation of cross-reactions in Histoplasma capsulatum serologic tests.},
  author={Jeffrey Wheat and Michelle French and Sa{\"i}d Kamel and Ram P. Tewari},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={23 3},
Cross-reactivity in Histoplasma serologic tests was evaluated by using sera from patients with histoplasmosis and other infections. Serum samples from 127 of 134 (95%) patients with histoplasmosis were judged positive by complement fixation tests, and 121 (90%) showed H bands, M bands, or both by immunodiffusion. Of these 134 patients, cross-reactions were seen to Blastomyces dermatitidis in 53 patients (40%), to Coccidioides immitis in 20 patients (16%), and to Aspergillus fumigatus in 3… CONTINUE READING


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