Evaluation of conductive-to-resistive layers interaction in thick-film resistors

  title={Evaluation of conductive-to-resistive layers interaction in thick-film resistors},
  author={K. Mleczko and Z. Zawislak and A. W. Stadler and Andrzej Kolek and Andrzej Dziedzic and J. Cichosz},
  journal={Microelectronics Reliability},
Low-frequency noise spectroscopy is used to examine the interactions between resistive and conductive films that take place during thick-film resistor (TFR) fabrication. Two noise parameters are introduced to quantitatively describe the strength of these interactions. They refer to intensity and repeatability of the noise generated in the resistor interfaces. Extensive experimental studies performed on ruthenium dioxide and bismuth ruthenate TFRs terminated with gold, platinum–gold, palladium… CONTINUE READING


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