Evaluation of cisplatin ototoxicity in a rat animal model.

  title={Evaluation of cisplatin ototoxicity in a rat animal model.},
  author={Stavros Hatzopoulos and Michele Di Stefano and Andrea Albertin and Alessandro Martini},
  journal={Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences},
The ototoxic effects of cisplatin were evaluated by otoacoustic emissions and evoked auditory responses. A transient otoacoustic emissions protocol indicated no significant ototoxic effects in rats treated intravenously with 7.5 mg/kg/week for 2-weeks. A chronic 6-week treatment (2.5 mg/kg/week) monitored by 2F1-F2 distortion product emissions presented significant SNR alterations in a narrow range of frequencies (5.04-5.66 kHz). An acute treatment of 15 mg/kg, using slow 30-min intraperitoneal… CONTINUE READING


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