Evaluation of care management for the uninsured.

  title={Evaluation of care management for the uninsured.},
  author={Reema Shah and Charlene J Chen and Sheryl O'Rourke and Martin M. S. Lee and Sarita A Mohanty and Jennifer Abraham},
  journal={Medical care},
  volume={49 2},
BACKGROUND In 2008, Kern Medical Center established a Care Management Program (CMP) for low-income adults identified as frequent users of hospital services. Frequent users are defined as having 4 or more emergency department (ED) visits or admissions, 3 or more admissions, or 2 or more admissions and 1 ED visit within 1 year. The CMP helps patients access primary care and medical and social resources. OBJECTIVE To determine whether the CMP reduces ED visits and hospitalizations among frequent… CONTINUE READING