Evaluation of botanicals as repellents against mosquitoes.

  title={Evaluation of botanicals as repellents against mosquitoes.},
  author={Nilotpal Das and Indra Baruah and Pranab Kumar Talukdar and Suresh C Das},
  journal={Journal of vector borne diseases},
  volume={40 1-2},
Repellent properties of three plant extracts--essential oil (steam distillate) of Zanthoxylum limonella (fruits), Citrus aurantifolia (leaf) and petroleum ether extract of Z. limonella (fruits) were evaluated as repellent against Aedes (S.) albopictus mosquitoes in mustard (Dhara) and coconut (Parachute) oil base under laboratory conditions. Three concentrations--10, 20 and 30% of the repellents were evaluated. Repellents in mustard oil afforded longer protection time against the bites of Aedes… CONTINUE READING


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