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Evaluation of biometric user authentication using an ensemble classifier with face and voice recognition

  title={Evaluation of biometric user authentication using an ensemble classifier with face and voice recognition},
  author={Firas Abbaas and G{\"u}rsel Serpen},
This paper presents a biometric user authentication system based on an ensemble design that employs face and voice recognition classifiers. The design approach entails development and performance evaluation of individual classifiers for face and voice recognition and subsequent integration of the two within an ensemble framework. Performance evaluation employed three benchmark datasets, which are NIST Feret face, Yale Extended face, and ELSDSR voice. Performance evaluation of the ensemble… 

Generation of an EDS Key Based on a Graphic Image of a Subject's Face Using the RC4 Algorithm

This paper proposes a system which is able to authenticate users by their face, and generate pseudo-random values based on the facial image that will later serve to generate an encryption key.



An Algorithm for Feature Level Fusion in Multimodal Biometric System

An ensemble algorithm for feature level fusion in multimodal biometric system is proposed by normalizing feature point sets extracted independently from two modalities of user and making the two point sets compatible for concatenation and then performing feature selection on the concatenated vector.

A survey of biometric approaches of authentication

The findings show that fingerprint image quality and password authentication is still an active research area where performance requires improvement, and the graphical password indicates a promising future direction for enhancing password methods.

An introduction to biometric recognition

A brief overview of the field of biometrics is given and some of its advantages, disadvantages, strengths, limitations, and related privacy concerns are summarized.

Face Recognition Machine Vision System Using Eigenfaces

An experimental performance comparison of face recognition using Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Normalized Principal Component analysis (NPCA), carried out on the ORL and Indian face database which contain variability in expression, pose, and facial details.

A Comparative Study of Biometric Authentication in Cloud Computing

Results of this survey recommended that the multimodal biometric authentication improves and reduces its complexity and computation time with the use of Biometric-as-a-service (Baas).

Toward a non-intrusive, physio- behavioral biometric for smartphones

The novelty of the approach is to combine 3D gesture and face recognition in a nonintrusive and unconstrained environment; the active authentication system is running in the background while the user is performing his/her main task.

A Survey on Biometric Authentication: Toward Secure and Privacy-Preserving Identification

This paper classify and thoroughly review the existing biometric authentication systems by focusing on the security and privacy solutions and proposes a number of criteria with regard to secure and privacy-preserving authentication.

Guide to Biometrics

This complete, technical guide details the principles, methods, technologies, and core ideas used in biometric authentication systems and defines and explains how to measure the performance of both verification and identification systems.

Survey of Security and Privacy Issues on Biometric System

It is concluded that there must be some techniques or protocols that are based on the signal processing and the cryptography mechanism that would protect the biometric data from the intruders.


The Eigenface approach uses Principal Component Analysis (PCA) algorithm for the recognition of the images and gives an efficient way to find the lower dimensional space.