Evaluation of aphrodisiac effect of vanillin in male wistar rats

  title={Evaluation of aphrodisiac effect of vanillin in male wistar rats},
  author={R. Maskeri and S. Ullal and Yogesh R Belagali and A. Shoeb and V. Bhagwat and Ramya.},
  journal={Polymer Journal},
Abstract Introduction: Vanillin is one of the primary chemical components of the vanilla bean (Vanilla planifolia). An aphrodisiac is defined as any food or drug that arouses the sexual instinct, induces venereal desire and increases sexual pleasure and performance. Unpublished data claim that vanillin, taken under proper guidance, can help relieve problems of impotence, erectile dysfunction, frigidity, loss of libido and promotes arousal. Hence this study was conducted to study the potential… Expand

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