Evaluation of an evidence-based education program for pressure ulcer prevention.


OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to implement and evaluate a standardized education workshop for 2 levels of nursing staff. DESIGN The quasi-experimental design required that nurses' knowledge be measured before and after education. SETTING AND SUBJECTS The convenience sample included registered nurses (N = 595) and licensed practical nurses (N = 59) employed in three acute care hospitals with a total bed capacity of 1,760. INSTRUMENTS The Pressure Ulcer Knowledge Test, including true-false questions, was selected and compared with updated literature and the evidence-based standards developed for the acute care hospitals. Minor changes resulted in a revised 53-item questionnaire for which content validity and reliability were established. The questionnaire was pilot tested before use. METHODS The intervention, the standardized education workshop, included risk assessment, prevention, and wound staging, as described in the literature. The dependent variable, knowledge of pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, was measured at 3 time points: immediately before (pre) and after (post 1) the workshop and 3 months later (post 2). Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and repeated measures. RESULTS Overall, knowledge scores for the total group were significantly higher from pre to post 1 and from pre to post 2 but significantly lower from post 1 to post 2. Registered nurses' scores were significantly higher than those of licensed practical nurses from pre to post 1. CONCLUSION The evidence-based pressure ulcer education was effective in increasing registered nurses' and licensed practical nurses' knowledge and was presumed to increase consistency of the knowledge and awareness of practice standards.

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