Evaluation of alternatives to chloroform in endodontic practice.

  title={Evaluation of alternatives to chloroform in endodontic practice.},
  author={A-M. Wennberg and Dag Orstavik},
  journal={Endodontics & dental traumatology},
  volume={5 5},
Chloroform is used in endodontics for plasticizing gutta-percha points and for facilitating removal of gutta-percha root canal fillings in need of re-treatment. Adverse health effects from exposure to chloroform have been reported, and to improve occupational health, it would be advantageous if a less hazardous solvent could replace chloroform. In this study, methylene chloride, methyl chloroform, tetrahydrofuran, xylol and eucalyptol were tested for their capacity to dissolve or soften gutta… CONTINUE READING