Evaluation of a self-administered questionnaire on hand dermatitis.

  title={Evaluation of a self-administered questionnaire on hand dermatitis.},
  author={Henriette A Smit and Pieter Jan Coenraads and Adriana P. M. Lavrijsen and Johan P. Nater},
  journal={Contact dermatitis},
  volume={26 1},
The purpose of the study was to evaluate a self-administered questionnaire on hand dermatitis that was developed to identify persons with hand dermatitis in epidemiological studies. A total of 109 nurses were subject to dermatological examination of the hands within 1 month of returning the questionnaire. 2 types of questionnaire diagnoses were made: a 'symptom-based' diagnosis and a 'self-reported diagnosis'. These were compared to the medical diagnosis of hand dermatitis. The prevalence of… CONTINUE READING

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