Evaluation of a novel technique for wound closure using a barbed suture.

  title={Evaluation of a novel technique for wound closure using a barbed suture.},
  author={Amy P. Murtha and Andrew L Kaplan and Michael J. Paglia and Benjie Brown Mills and Michael L Feldstein and Gregory L Ruff},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={117 6},
BACKGROUND Suture knots present several disadvantages in wound closure, because they are tedious to tie and place ischemic demands on tissue. Bulky knots may be a nidus for infection, and they may extrude through skin weeks after surgery. Needle manipulations during knot-tying predispose the surgeon to glove perforation. A barbed suture was developed that is self-anchoring, requiring no knots or slack management for wound closure. The elimination of knot tying may have advantages over… CONTINUE READING

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