Evaluation of a gelatin-based adhesive for historic paintings that incorporates citronella oil as an eco-friendly biocide

  title={Evaluation of a gelatin-based adhesive for historic paintings that incorporates citronella oil as an eco-friendly biocide},
  author={Yu Lee and Susana Mart{\'i}n-Rey and Laura Osete-Cortina and Inés Martín-Sánchez and Fernando Bol{\'i}var-Galiano and Mar{\'i}a Teresa Dom{\'e}nech-Carb{\'o}},
  journal={Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology},
  pages={2320 - 2349}
Abstract The presented study focuses on evaluating the efficiency of a gelatin-based product that incorporates a plasticizer (glycerol) and a biocide (citronella oil), proposed as an eco-friendly adhesive for polychrome decoration applied in different parts of the architectural complex of the Longshan Temple in Lukang (eighteenth century, Taiwan). Seven laboratory physico-chemical tests were performed: (a) viscosity measurement; (b) drying curves; (c) moisture content determination; (d) water… 
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