Evaluation of a Novel Single-Use Flexible Ureteroscope.

  title={Evaluation of a Novel Single-Use Flexible Ureteroscope.},
  author={Joanne A Dale and Adam Geoffrey Kaplan and Daniela Radvak and Richard Hochul Shin and A. Bernard Ackerman and Tony T Chen and Charles D. Scales and Michael N. Ferrandino and Walter Neal Simmons and Glenn M. Preminger and Michael E. Lipkin},
  journal={Journal of endourology},
INTRODUCTION A novel single-use flexible ureteroscope promises the optical characteristics and maneuverability of a reusable fourth-generation flexible ureteroscope. In this study, the LithoVue Single-Use Digital flexible ureteroscope was directly compared with contemporary reusable flexible ureteroscopes, with regard to optics, deflection, and irrigation… CONTINUE READING