Evaluation of a Method for Field Collection of Ultra - Low Volume - Size Aerosol Droplets



Studies were conducted to develop practical alternates to the hand-wave method for the field collection of ULV-size aerosol droplets. A comparative avaluation between the hand-wave method and settling chambers was made using aczosol droplets of malathion or Klearol, produced by a Micro-Gen MS2W-15, collected on Teflon-coated microscope slides. Settling chambers included large metal US Army shipping containers (MILVANS) and smaller plywood boxes of various dimensions. Results indicated an increased efficiency of the settling technique versus tha hand-wave method in the •ojlection of droplets less than 10P in siz,-. Size of the settling chamber did not reduce the overall collection efficiency of smaller aerosol droplets; however, placement of the Teflon-coated slides within the confines of the large MILVAN chambers showed significant variability (.01 level) in the largest droplet observed and the subseluently calculated volume median diameter. There was no significant variabiliky observed between location of slides within the smaller plywood settling chamblers. Plywood settling chambers evaluated i:n this study appear to be a more practical and efficient method for the field evaluation of the aerosol producing efficiency of 1JLV in:3ecticide sprayers. lApproved for public release; distribution unlimitedj DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY U. S. ARMY ENVIRONMENTAL HYGIENE AGENCY ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND. MARYLAND 21010

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