Evaluation of Wheelchair Basketball Skill Performance of Wheelchair Basketball Players in Different Game Positions

  title={Evaluation of Wheelchair Basketball Skill Performance of Wheelchair Basketball Players in Different Game Positions},
  author={Kęstutis Sku{\vc}as and Stanislovas Stonkus and Bartosz Molik and Vytautas Sku{\vc}as},
  journal={Baltic Journal of Sport and Health Sciences},
In wheelchair basketball the evaluation of the quality of disabled players’ movement, motion and action variety, sensomotoric, intelectual, social interaction skills, coordinative and physical abilities besides the natural tests (Brasile, 1986), quantitative and qualitative play results (technical actions carried out by a player during a game and during a minute of a game) are considered to be objective and informative. The aim of the research was to state and evaluate the playing skills of… 

Do field position and playing standard influence athlete performance in wheelchair basketball?

Differences in mobility performance among guard, forward and centre players were minimal and should help wheelchair basketball coaches specify wheelchair-handling training techniques and means to optimise wheelchair-athlete configurations.

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The accuracy of the World Organization Volleyball for Disabled classification systems for sitting volleyball players was confirmed and there was a strong relationship between players' vertical reach and their effectiveness in sitting volleyball.

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Although it is expected that trunk stabilization would be better in players with high points, in this study it is encountered conflicting results between the points and sitting balance or trunk stabilization.

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Abstract Within the framework of observational methodology, we conducted a log-linear analysis to study efficiency in relation to players’ functional ability in wheelchair basketball by analyzing

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A valid and reliable performance analysis template for quantifying team action variables in elite men’s wheelchair basketball was developed and perfect or almost perfect agreement and low percentage error values were demonstrated.

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Objective: To describe the limitations and possibilities in the organization and structuring process of wheelchair basketball training, taking into account the relationship between functional



Field test evaluation of aerobic, anaerobic, and wheelchair basketball skill performances.

In conclusion, the newly developed field test battery is a reliable and valid tool for anaerobic capacity and skill proficiency assessment in wheelchair basketball players.

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